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Today all the educational institutions are aware of the importance of child’s entertainment as a basic need; we have to think of this before teaching our children.

Mr. Michael Govs (specialist education) says: Learning foreign language from age five improved children’s brains power.

Nobody can deny the benefits of being bilingual and learning a second language; especially if that language was learnt at an early age. It enriches and enhances the child’s mind development, and it leaves students with more flexibility in thinking, greater sensitivity to language and a better ear for listening.

Our children should love to explore, discover and earn what they learn; they find the positive impressions that help them to lead and to build a better future, not the negative impressions of failure and laziness that keeps them back from reaching their dreams.

What is Arabian Sinbad?

Everybody knows that the Arabic is the primary Language of most countries in the Middle East and North Africa ranking as the 5th most spoken language in the world. And through our believes in the role of Arabian Language to communicate with the civilizations and societies, we worked on Arabian Sinbad.

Arabian Sinbad is a unique and exciting learning experience of the Arabic language for children. This innovative learning tool utilizes immersive and engaging language learning techniques via animated educational and entertaining cartoon.

Children love adventures and journeys, therefore we always find (Arabian Sinbad) in the middle of an adventure. In spite of the obstacles he faces, he manages to overcome all of them cleverly with mannerly ways.

Our children will meet characters that they will love to watch. Their imagination will take them to the world of Sinbad in the sea, the city, the cave, the palace and many other places.

Our large team of animators, storytellers, Arabic language teaching experts and new media creative game developers have completed the renowned Arabian Sinbad, the viewer will be exposed to more than 500 Arabic words both audibly and visually through the entertaining storyline of the 18 animated episodes; while concurrently practicing the newly learned vocabulary via the bundled books, animation episodes, flashcards, songs and games.

Arabian Sinbad Theme

Most children like films and stories because they tickle their imagination and take them to far away imaginary worlds, worlds they adore to explore. Therefore we are introducing Arabian Sinbad to your child. Cartoon stories sustained of well written scenes that attract, amuse and teaching children. In the universal library, Arabians Sinbad is considered one of the rare cartoon works that teaches Arabic language. Being unique in teaching Arabic makes Arabian Sinbad so exceptional because by picture, motion, songs, games and stories you can teach the child a lot without needing language as a media. That helps children and parents to understand what is happening and what they are hearing.

Arabian Sinbad Objects

Arabian Sinbad is part of our strategies to provide our audiences with high quality educational resources utilizing multiple media forms to help engage the child in the learning process in a manner way that is both fun and constructive.

Arabian Sinbad is dedicated to teach Arabic Language to children using various language learning techniques that encourage kids interact with the videos in way that help them absorb the language.

Arabian Sinbad Mission

We focus on casting the good impressions on your child’s wet cement, we teach the Arabic language in the most creative and funny ways.

Arabian Sinbad makes your child dig to explore the “Arabic language treasure” and collect his vocabularies prizes as if he is one of the superheroes and a fortune seeker.

Arabian Sinbad reaches out for your child by all possible means, visual and audible by having ultimate fun through the hilarious cartoon characters and the cool games that is mind blowing even for adults before kids.

In Arabian Sinbad we have mixed education with entertainment to offer you a world-class quality kids “Edutainment” content utilizing all the latest high-tech digital social media platforms.

Arabian Sinbad Target Audience

Arabian Sinbad target audiences are children aged between 2 to 12 years.

Children will have lots of fun with our animation and lovely songs to reinforce the linguistic structure and correct pronunciation so that children can understand what they read and hear.