Learning Method

The cartoon Magic

Most children like films and stories because they tickle their imagination and take them to far away imaginary worlds, worlds they adore to explore. Therefore we are introducing Arabian Sinbad to your child.

Why Cartoon

Being unique in teaching Arabic makes Arabian Sinbad so exceptional because by picture and motion you can teach the child a lot without needing language as a media. That helps children and parents to understand what is happening and what they are hearing.

The Cartoon Format

A cartoon story of eighteen episodes, sustained of well written scenes that attracts, amuses and teaches children.


Effective Arabic Teaching Program for Children

Arabian Sinbad World

Children love adventures and journeys, therefore we always find (Arabian Sinbad) in the middle of an adventure with his sister Zeina. In spite of the obstacles he faces, he manages to overcome all of them cleverly. in the Arabian Sinbad your child will meet characters that he will love to watch. His imagination will take him to the world of Sinbad in the sea, the city, the cave, the palace and many other places.

Entertainment and learning

Today all the educational institutions are aware of the importance of child's entertainment as a basic need; we have to think of this before teaching our children. Therefore we make sure that your child will find in Arabian Sinbad a lot of funny situations that will make him laugh and think at the same time.


Songs are part of the lives of many people, in language learning they are indispensable. Realizing the fact that in the human brain, the part that is responsible for the language is also responsible for the music. Arabian Sinbad contains more than twenty songs that help the child to memorize a lot of words and phrases, these songs are about a variety of subjects and concepts such as family, crafts, colors, days of the week , the four seasons, names of fruits and transportation.


In Sinbad story you will find a lot of fillers, through them we tried to introduce grammar rules, words and language structures that will arouse the children's interest in the story and will improve his language at the same time. You will see that most of these fillers are based upon a funny childish situation, the thing that supports the language importance.

Character's design

The producing company of Sinbad has won several prizes for several works; Sinbad was not the first production for the company. The characters are specially designed for kids. Your children will love Sinbad and Zeina, and they definitely won't forget Zakzak, the funny character that will accompany them during the educational fillers.

Sound effects

Since we are utterly aware of the fact that learning a new language can be a boring process for kids, we focused on delighting the child's senses to make learning enjoyable. You will see that your child will keep on watching and hearing Sinbad because of the excellent sound effects and music we chose, believing in its importance in attracting the child's attention to keep watching Sinbad episodes.

Pronunciation and phonetics

The importance of phonetics is well known, it is an important part in learning a language, therefore we make sure that the language of the characters is well spoken Arabic by native speakers. As for the pronunciation, you can see that the tone of the sentence is a major part to understand it's meaning, that's why we paid special attention to toning the sentence. Children mainly learn by imitating tones of sentences and words pronunciations.


Arabian Sinbad contains more than five hundred words about major aspects of life. These vocabularies were chosen according to basic standards: such as, being suitable to the child's understanding, therefore, almost all the words are tangible. Another thing is that these vocabularies are used a lot. Five hundred words are considered a breakthrough in learning Arabic. Since everyone needs most of these words, many grownups had language interest in watching Sinbad with their children.

Linguistic functions

It's true that Sinbad is based upon grammar and vocabulary, but being a cartoon series helped us a lot by using phrases in its right context and inserting them in the heroes' dialogues, the thing that supports the functional linguistic rules. That is obvious in the fillers and the attached activity books.


With The Arabian Sinbad series there is a special CD game that enables your child to revise all the words he came across in these games .The words are connected logically to their subjects such as : professions, numbers and opposites. In the CD, the child will find a real challenge, we also helped him by writting the game instructions in English.


All language teachers are interested in flashcards; therefore in (Sinbad's package) we placed fifty cards. On each one a word is written in both Arabic and Latin letters [transliteration] with its English translation, Behind it there is a picture of it. Using these cards strengthens the child's memory, you can also play a group game in class to encourage children to memorize the words.


In order to help the teacher find an interesting interactive environment for the child (Sinbad) introduces some characters that can help you make conversational plays among students depending on the language material in it, the situations in the story can be a great help as well . We set some examples for the teacher to follow.


To enhance what your child saw and learnt, we made two books for language skills, after watching each episode your child can solve some language exercises which we have presented in an attractive and useful way. From each episode we chose the most important language expertise that we need to focus on, and then we put several exercises so that the child can benefit the most in home and in school as well.


Arabian Sinbad dictionary is a photo dictionary that contains five hundred words, ordered in an objective way according to the environment. The words of each environment are collected and presented separately, for example: kitchen, living room, bedroom, in the city, human body, professions, athletics and shapes, each subject is drawn on a separate page. All words were written in Arabic and Latin letters along with their translation in English. We highly recommend not to let your child depend on [transliteration] in memorizing the word, hearing them from the special word review CD would give much better results.