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A powerful, effective, and fun way to share the richness of the Arabic language with your children. Not only does it help kids learn Arabic in a relaxed, engaging, and fun way using colorful flashcards, role-play card games, and memorable songs, it is also our most cost-effective package.

The package components have been Carefully chosen to provide a full immersion environment. You can watch the cartoons at the comfort of your home, listen to the songs in your car while going to school, or before you put your child to sleep. You can play with the activity book or the Play & Think book, reinforce the vocabulary via the dictionary, and play with your classmates with the flash cards. You can also practice more concepts with the flash-based CD games on your Mac of PC.

So, whether you introduce Arabian Sinbad at home, or at school or club, you can immerse your child in a month of Arabic at selected times of the day so that in no time, you feel at home with the Arabic language.

Arabian Sinbad Deluxe Package

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